For 2 people                                                   prepare time: 10 minutes.

Main ingredients-  carrots and milk.

carrot juice

carrot juice

  1. carrots- 2. (cut into small pieces).
  2. milk        -150 ml.
  3. water- 50 ml.
  4. sugar-1 tbsp. or (desired amount).
  5. ingredients of carrot juice

    ingredients of carrot juice

    carrot juice preparation

    carrot juice preparation


    1. Grind the carrot pieces in a mix jar into a fine paste. Add water and grind another 30 seconds.
    2.  Filter the liquid into a bowl. Add milk and desired amount of sugar and mix well.
    3. Serve the juice into clean glasses.
    4. preparation of carrot juice

      preparation of carrot juice


    Now healthy and  tasty fresh carrot juice is ready to drink.