It’s been pouring non-stop for the last few days and instead of complaining, I thought we should take advantage of this weather, nothing sets the tone like a spicy masala vada snack in the afternoon to enjoy with your family.  It’s goes well with Tea or Coffee or you can enjoy it’s heavenly taste all by itself !

masala vada


  1. split chic peas  – 100 gms
  2. ginger garlic paste   – 1 tbsp
  3. mint – 1 bunch ( only leaves )
  4. salt  – to taste
  5. green chillies  – 6
  6. onion – 1   (cut in to small pieces)
  7. garam masala – 1 tbsp
  8. oil – enough to fry
masala vada
masala vada
  1. soak the split chic peas in water for about 4 hrs.
  2. put the soaked split chic peas along with green chillies in a mixer and grind them well. Not too much like a paste but keep it coarse.
  3. put that mixture in a bowl and add ginger garlic paste, salt, garam masala powder, onion pieces and mix it well.
  4. take that mix and make it into several lemon size balls and put them aside on a plate.
masala vada
masala vada

Cooking Instructions:
Take your frying pan and fill it up to half with oil and put it on a stove with medium heat.
Once the oil is heated, take the prepared masala balls and make them into flat patties by pressing with both hands. Slowly add these to the heated oil. You can add several of them as shown in the below picture.
masala vada
Now put the flame to high and wait until the masala patties turn to golden brown color.  Once the color is achieved, turn the flame to slow and slowly remove the patties and place them in a bowl.
masala vada
You can use a little coriander or mint for garnishing on the plate.
masala vada
Hope you enjoy this with your family.
– Sabitha.